At the vineyard


At the vineyard we have been respecting the principles of responsible farming for a number of years. Here, nothing revolutionary, we apply methods tried and tested by our ancestors.
Observation in the field is at the heart of our work. We permanently tour our vineyards to follow their evolution, their condition. In this way each action is well-thought out and no treatment is superfluous. With the same work ethic we work the soil. By proceeding in this way, we force the roots to be buried as deep as possible so they are less sensitive to dryness or excess water. But above all, they again reveal even more of the subtleties of our soil.
A good grape is above all a healthy grape. To achieve this, we do our utmost to carry out a number of works in the spring, such as bud pruning, which will allow the foliage to spread out better and the grapes to be well ventilated. By proceeding in this way, we obtain a better maturity and healthier grapes.