In the wine cellar


In the wine cellar, our guiding principle is not to correct the work of the vine but to accompany it. Over all these years before we created the wine cellar, little by little we imagined the ideal wine cellar. The cellar we dreamt of. There as well nothing extraordinary or spectacular, we designed a wine cellar that respects the grape. Pneumatic wine press, stainless steel vats, mastery of temperatures, soft pumps…
During the vinification and the maturing, we take the same time as nature and leave the wine to evolve at its own pace.
The vines are harvested plot by plot at the moment of perfect maturity. Each plot is vinified separately. This is a key condition to understand your soils properly and get the best out of them.
For the whites: light but careful racking must, then fermentation with strict temperature control. The wines then remain in contact with the fermentation sediments for as long as possible. During this period they are enhanced, become more complex.
For the reds: systematic stripping, treading, pumping over in the finest Burgundy tradition. There again the temperature is mastered to obtain the best extraction possible while respecting the flavours.
Wine maturing is adapted to each vintage. Barrel, vat or both, this depends on the soil and the vintage.