While the Quintefeuille estate is a recent addition to the Burgundy landscape, its winegrower, Serge Lespinasse already has sound experience behind him.  A native of Beaujolais and son of a winegrower, Serge started his life as an optician, a profession that he was passionate about.  After fifteen or so years his wine-growing origins, which were emerging more and more regained the upper hand.
In 1997 he took the plunge!  Went back to school and became a winegrower.  He took over a vineyard in Lugny. He thus delivered his grapes to the wine winegrower’s cooperative.  For 15 years he learnt his trade, improved, explored his soils, understood them, adopted them, integrated them.
A passionate winegrower he was however not satisfied.  Want he really wanted was to make his own wine.
In 2013 it was done, he built his own wine cellar and left the winegrower’s cooperative.  The first wine-making process was a success but he would wait for the 2015 vintage to put his name on the bottle.  In fact he considers to have produced the wine he always wanted to produce with this vintage…